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Want to Know the Best Way to Get Rid of Mold?

What Are the Different Kinds of Mold Removal Methods Out There?

Various mold removal solutions are available to get rid of stubborn fungi and stop it from spreading to other areas. A few kinds of products normally used with removing mold include such things as sprays, interior foggers and organic solutions. Bleach can also be used for getting rid of mold; however, it could cause extra health concerns and is therefore not recommended for removing mold. Safe and effective products may be bought in hardware stores or online. » Read more

Not Sure If You Have Mold Growing in Your House?

What Does Mold Testing Encompasses Exactly?

Mold testing is a technique that is done to search for signs of mold within a structure. While this type of testing cannot always identify what species of mold are found or even where they are located, they can be used to collect data on mold populations. Some environmental agencies will perform mold testing by request, and individuals can also order a test via a private lab, some of which may sometimes send their representatives out, or may send a test kit out for property owners to collect samples with. » Read more